Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right

It is very common for people to disagree on a certain issue or decision. Sometimes teachers can get emotional out of it as they don’t see the rationale of the decision. There is no right nor wrong in the decision but as a head of a school, I carry the authority for the final decision. Recently a decision was made to cut down the celebration time of long serving retiring teachers though a few long serving teachers before this had the privilege of the whole day celebration on a school day. All lessons were cancelled and the rationale was that celebrating or rather appreciating the long serving teachers was also a form of education. But my rationale is that the celebration need not be long but meaningful. That way, the students would not miss their official lessons for too long and yet get to learn the values in the celebration. This had caused a few teachers to become very emotional and started to raise their voice using words that would tantamount to disrespect for the head. When this happened my heart would tell me “reprimand the teacher in public as she has caused me to lose face” and you would definitely feel better after this. But the soul in me told me that “two wrongs do not make a right” and reprimanding the teacher concerned would hurt her badly and would affect her work. Afterall this teacher is a dedicated teacher and it was just one of her moods. So I calmly explained to her the rationale of the decision and not respond like “tit for tat”.  A few of the senior teachers came and told me that previous principals would not tolerate outbursts like that and I replied that I don’t either; but I have made it known to her that she is wrong in her outburst.  Three weeks later, the teacher came and apologised to me.


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