1 Student 1 Sport Policy – Scratching your head to implement it?

Students in action in a typical afternoon from 2.30-3.30pm

One of the objectives of this policy is to get students involved with a least one sports throughout the year with the hope that all students, including book worms and couch potatoes will get out of their comfort zone to be active physically. In addition, with this involvement, new talents will be discovered, groomed and trained to compete at the state, national or international level

When the minister announced this policy, it created a lot of questions on the best way to implement it. A few schools were chosen as pilot schools with close supervision from the department and officials and the practices of these schools were shared with others.

This school has taken the stand that for a student to take part in a sport, it has to be for a least an hour. There is no point in getting a group of say 40 students lining up to serve a badminton shuttle or kick a ball, as has been done in many schools. Students will get bored this way and getting them to stay back to touch the ball for a few seconds is really defeating the objectives of this policy.

What we have done is to match the facilities the school has with the optimum number of students (players) required for a game. For example, we have a volleyball court, and the maximum number of students that will be involved is 14 (7 per team). From all the facilities, we will know the total number of students that need to be involved for a single day and therefore a week. With the limited number of facilities that we have, each student can play a game only once every fortnight but they play it well and enjoy the game for at least one hour.


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